[Mono-list] how to "register" a c++ class to c#?

=?GB2312?B?0rG+p7XL?= fatfatson at gmail.com
Mon Jun 7 00:31:01 EDT 2010

both of them~ i'm trying to embed Mono in my C++ program, and hope Mono can
use my C++ class...
i think it's a common case when embed a script in the host program, isn't

i don't like the behavour of SWIG and any others like it : produce a lots of
glue-code offline.
i just want to find some ways to make a C++ function callable from Mono, and
"Create a C# class on the fly by using some Mono api in C", then make them
together:  create a c# class ,and  bind its method to my existing c++

have i explained clearly? sorry for my pool english...
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