[Mono-list] mono swallows threadpool exceptions

Steve Lessard s_lessard at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 22 11:35:13 EDT 2010

I haven't looked at the Mono implementation code nor the .NET implementation 
code but I believe it is highly unlikely that the fix would be trivial.  In .NET 
2.0 and later the new behavior for the runtime to catch unhandled thread pool 
exceptions and then raise the AppDomain's UnhandledException event, provided the 
application has registered for that event. Further complicating implementing a 
fix to this bug is the fact that "this event can be handled in any application 
domain. However, the event is not necessarily raised in the application domain 
where the exception occurred." 

This MSDN doc tries to explain the new behavior:

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Among the bugs I reported, the ones which tended to get fixed the fastest
were the ones I submitted patches for. :)
Not catching an Exception (or throwing one) sounds like a trivial patch, but
I could be wrong.

Daniel Hughes wrote:
> And I found the bug.
> Bug 491191
> Which is over a year old.
> This one is not in an obscure part of the framework like my serial
> port bug so it should be fixed quickly??

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