[Mono-list] mono swallows threadpool exceptions

Piotr Wysocki piotr.wysocki at secpl.cs.put.poznan.pl
Thu Jul 22 04:49:06 EDT 2010

On 07/22/2010 10:21 AM, Stifu wrote:
 > Piotr Wysocki-2 wrote:
 >> On 07/22/2010 12:00 AM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
 >>   >  In this case, the fear that we have is that existing 
applications that
 >>   >  were built on the Mono world (not on the .NET one) depend on 
the broken
 >>   >  behavior.
 >> How about adding an option --throw-thread-exceptions to mono runtime?
 >> It would do for me.
 >> I would really appreciate this, as debugging my multi-threaded
 >> applications will be easier...
 > If such a flag was desirable, wouldn't the opposite be better?
 > Ie: a flag NOT to throw exceptions (current Mono behavior), to be 
used for
 > Mono apps that rely on the broken behavior. That way, we'd be compatible
 > with .NET by default.

I believe (and Miguel has already noticed that too) the default 
behaviour cannot be changed just like that.

The purpose of the flag would be to enable the correct (=compatible with 
.NET) behaviour for those who need it ... now (i.e. Daniel Hughes, me 
;)). Adding this flag (--throw-thread-exceptions) would also enable 
developers from mono world to debug and ,,fix'' their applications.

I would welcome --throw-thread-exceptions option now (in trunk and 
mono-2-6 branch) and changing the default behaviour to the correct one
in 2.8. In 2.8 the option should then become obsolete.

(However if 2.8 is really going to be released in 6-8 weeks, I wonder,
if it would be enough time for the mono world developers...)

Just my 2c

Piotr Wysocki
Mobile Systems Research Labs, Poznan University of Technology

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