[Mono-list] moonlight key focus (abort) in browser [flash has sameissue]

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Fri Jul 16 02:57:03 EDT 2010

You can implement this is your appl code by catching some key or using timer 
and invoking

 HtmlPage.Document.Body.Invoke("focus", new object[] { });

Like in



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> Now that I am using moonlight more often (and flash has this problem, but 
> I turn off flash alot now),
> I hate the issue of it stealing all key presses, so browser key short cuts 
> don't work.
> I can understand that its important to offer up as many keys to the 
> moonlight plugin as possible,
> but is there not some kind of combination (or custom pick for it in 
> moonlight [right click settings])
> that one could have browser get back focus?
> How about ctrl-alt-^ ?  or maybe two odd key codes back to back  ctrl-z 
> ctrl-z breaks it out?
> This of course assumes there isn't already a way? But googling (against 
> this annoyance in flash) didn't
> provide any answers, so I wouldn't be suprized if there isn't currently a 
> focus breakout for moonlight.
> Not sure if there is a way in silverlight for IE in Windows (not that I 
> need that, but if it did exist, use same in linux world with moonlight).
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