[Mono-list] sigsegv crash

Stephen More stephen.more at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 07:15:21 EDT 2010

I built mono 2.6.4 from source.

OpenSimulator 0.6.9 crashes with:

Thread 16 (Thread 0x46b5c950 (LWP 25129)):
#0  0x00007f53a3f9c90b in read () from /lib64/libpthread.so.0
#1  0x000000000048afe1 in mono_handle_native_sigsegv (
   signal=<value optimized out>, ctx=<value optimized out>)
   at mini-exceptions.c:1818
#2  0x00000000004d415d in mono_arch_handle_altstack_exception (
   sigctx=0x7f5398f40c40, fault_addr=<value optimized out>, stack_ovf=0)
   at exceptions-amd64.c:879
#3  <signal handler called>
Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)

I am unable to build test code to reproduce this error.

Is this enough info to create a bug report ?
If not, what else can be done to create a bug report to prevent this
from happening again ?


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