[Mono-list] mono performance, 20x differential with Java (what am i doing wrong)

Jonathan Shore jonathan.shore at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 15:56:32 EST 2010

Alan,  fair enough, I'll give that a shot.  It would be great to see support for SSE folded into the core VM.   Or is the idea to later (or currently) utilize GPUs as well?

On Jan 29, 2010, at 10:39 AM, Alan McGovern wrote:

> Also, while I think of it. If you're doing a lot of repetitive calculations on arrays, you should look into using Mono.SIMD. The most recent example of perf benefits can be found here: http://blog.reblochon.org/2010/01/talk-teaser-image-processing-with.html .  A C# SIMD-optimised version of an image processing function turned out to be ~6.5x faster than the native C version. I'd assume that if the native C version was SIMD optimised aswell it'd be on par/faster than the mono implementation, but it does show the power of Mono.SIMD.
> Alan.
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