[Mono-list] Gnome-RDP Experimental version

James P Michels III james.p.michels at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 17:31:31 EST 2010

Not presently, but a port would be would be pretty straight forward.

Gnome-RDP is basically a front end to the Linux apps rdesktop, tightvnc, 
and ssh. Windows support would basically require mapping the arguments 
to the respective windows versions of each program. Ssh would probably 
be a little sticky.

Also, GnomeRDP uses the Gnome Keyring service to store passwords. This 
would require some reworking for a windows port.


On 01/28/2010 04:51 PM, Jorge Bastos wrote:
> Seams interesting.
> Will this run on windows aswell?
> Jorge,
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>> I am looking for some feedback on an experimental version of Gnome-RDP.
>> The code is available at
>> https://gnome-rdp.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gnome-
>> rdp/branches/experimental
>> Compatibility Notes.
>> 1) This is a complete rewrite of the original application.
>> 2) It is side by side compatible with the release version of gnome-rdp.
>> 3) It does not use sqlite for storage. It uses an ini file based
>> storage
>> with files saved in Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData under
>> GnomeRDP.
>> 4) On the first run, it will automatically import all sessions from
>> your
>> existing gnome-rdp sqlite database. It will not modify or delete your
>> existing database.
>> Features.
>> 1) The experimental version of Gnome RDP introduces functionality to
>> support identity profiles as well as rdp/vnc/ssh profiles.
>>       a) Identity profiles allow you to create/edit an identity which
>> can
>> be linked to session profiles. This simplifies the process of creating
>> server session as well as updating password credentials which may be
>> the
>> same for multiple servers. Password are stored in the Gnome keyring.
>>       b) Rdp/Vnc/Ssh profiles allow you to create/edit a set of
>> preferences which can be used for multiple server sessions. This is
>> intended to simply creating new server sessions as well as to allow you
>> to change things like screen size in 1 place.
>> 2) The UI has been substantially changed (hopefully for the better) and
>> includes drag and drop functionality for group management.
>> 3) The application include a filterable log view to consolidate log
>> reporting and eliminate annoying "Foo, Foo, Foo" dialogs.
>> 4) The application is considerable more efficient with respect to file
>> system accesses and Keyring lookups.
>> Thanks
>> Jim
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