[Mono-list] Gnome-RDP Experimental version

James P Michels III james.p.michels at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 16:19:46 EST 2010

I am looking for some feedback on an experimental version of Gnome-RDP.

The code is available at 

Compatibility Notes.

1) This is a complete rewrite of the original application.
2) It is side by side compatible with the release version of gnome-rdp.
3) It does not use sqlite for storage. It uses an ini file based storage 
with files saved in Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData under 
4) On the first run, it will automatically import all sessions from your 
existing gnome-rdp sqlite database. It will not modify or delete your 
existing database.


1) The experimental version of Gnome RDP introduces functionality to 
support identity profiles as well as rdp/vnc/ssh profiles.
     a) Identity profiles allow you to create/edit an identity which can 
be linked to session profiles. This simplifies the process of creating 
server session as well as updating password credentials which may be the 
same for multiple servers. Password are stored in the Gnome keyring.
     b) Rdp/Vnc/Ssh profiles allow you to create/edit a set of 
preferences which can be used for multiple server sessions. This is 
intended to simply creating new server sessions as well as to allow you 
to change things like screen size in 1 place.

2) The UI has been substantially changed (hopefully for the better) and 
includes drag and drop functionality for group management.

3) The application include a filterable log view to consolidate log 
reporting and eliminate annoying "Foo, Foo, Foo" dialogs.

4) The application is considerable more efficient with respect to file 
system accesses and Keyring lookups.


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