[Mono-list] Change mono process name in ps/top

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sun Jan 24 18:20:36 EST 2010

On 24.01.2010 21:57, Michael Hutchinson wrote:

>> Yes, native applications with access to main's argv[0] can achieve
>> it easily under Linux, but managed apps simply cannot access this
>> location. There is also no way that I know of to get a ptr to
>> this memory location from a native library, so p/invoke won't
>> help either.
>> You may want to file an enhancement request with Mono's bugzilla
>> stating that you wish a facility for *dynamically* changing
>> the process name.
> I guess it's *possible* right now with Mono too. Instead of using the
> "mono" executable to run the app, create a tiny native app that uses
> libmono and the embedding interfaces to load and run the managed exe.
> This native shim can capture argv[0] and expose it via a P/Invokeable
> function.

Well, most people are moving towards managed languages because they
are already sick of C :)

Anyway, here is what's possible, modulo bugs due to the aforementioned
C sickness. The tricky part was how to expand argv[0].
Build instructions are on top of the C file.

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