[Mono-list] DB" connection problem

Niklas.Albers at main-it.de Niklas.Albers at main-it.de
Fri Jan 22 01:50:44 EST 2010


> Can you connect to the DB2 instance using other DB2 utilities? 
I can connect to the DB2 instance with the client and the connection with 
visual stusio works, too. 

> Is theDB2 .NET provider 100% managed core [or is it like the @&%^&@ 
Informix ".NET provider" just a wrapper around Win32 DLLs].
I am using the dll file from the ibm-data-db2-2.6-1.1 package. It was the 
only dll file I found.

> Makes me wonder if you are missing an environment variable that allows 
the driver to find its error messages glossary.
I don't think so, I had some other errors in the code (missing db2.so 
file) and there was the correct error message. Which environment variable 
is required for finding the error messages? 

Thanks for your help


Niklas Albers

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