[Mono-list] MonoDevelop 2.2 on OS/X problems

Mike Christensen mike at kitchenpc.com
Sun Jan 3 17:47:37 EST 2010

I just got around to installing MonoDevelop 2.2 and Mono 2.6 (Both
using the Disk Images) and am having several problems with web

1) Running with soft debugger usually does not work.  One of three
things happens (at random): The web browser is never launched but the
application appears to be running (If I open a browser and navigate to
localhost, I just get a DNS error so looks like xsp isn't running),
or; the web browser launches and tries to navigate to,
but after 10 minutes still no response, or; MonoDevelop freezes with
the wait cursor and I have to Force Quit after several minutes.

2) I did get the app working once by changing the port to 8081,
however when I tried running it again it also ran but would no longer
trigger any breakpoints.  When I recompiled and tried it again, it
said it could not attach to the port (port in use).  I tried changing
to 8082, but this also locked up MonoDevelop next time I ran.

3) When I did get it to trigger a breakpoint, I noticed a lot of
limitations with the soft debugger.  First, I cannot drag variables to
the watch window (there's also a bug if you drag a variable name off
the IDE the move the mouse back, the mouse stays stuck in selection
mode).  Second, all information seems to be immutable.  If I change
button1.Text from "Click me" to "Foo", it immediately just changes
back to "Click me".  Third, I love the fact that there's an Immediate
Window, but as of yet I've found no use for it.  I cannot declare new
variables (int x = 5), I cannot seem to change any existing variables
(button1.Text = "New Value";) and there's no auto-complete
(Intellisense) within variables.  Having an immediate window in VS for
both managed code and script is the single best feature of the VS
debugger, IMO.

On the plus side, MonoDevelop has definitely come a long way in terms
of Mac usability and raw speed.  It's quick, loads fast, no weird
re-size bugs (except for the fact I cannot seem to resize the entire
app, only toggle between maximized and normal)..  I would also /love/
to see a keyboard layout that would emulate Windows, where pressing
the "End" key actually moved to the end of the line (silliest thing
ever on Mac apps)..  The one time I did get the debugger working, it
seemed fast.

Keep up the good work, it's getting there slowly but surely..  I would
/love/ to have an open source alternative to Visual Studio 2008 but
looks like we're still a ways off..


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