[Mono-list] Performance benchmark

James Mansion james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Sat Feb 27 03:59:01 EST 2010

Rodrigo Kumpera wrote:
> Things like page faults and hardware traps (raising a NRE) are 
> significantly slower when running under a VMM.
But this code is looping in user space and should not make many. Why do 
you think it will make
many in this case?
>         Mono runs faster on linux than windows, but the virtualization
>         has it's costs.
>     For compute tasks that aren't dependent on glibc vs MS libc issues
>     or kernel calls? Why?
> Because mono is better optimized for linux, simple as that. Some 
> codepaths are slightly faster under linux.

In its runtime library interaction with system services - yes. This 
example is compute
bound in user space.

How is the code generation 'better optimized for linux' such that the 
generated code for
this source will be different? Doesn't make sense to me.

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