[Mono-list] Fw: Cannot run C# WinForms on Mac OS X

Dean Geddes dean.geddes at primus.ca
Thu Feb 25 09:59:41 EST 2010


	Hi Miguel, 

	Thank you.  It took a little effort but I can now run a WinForms on
my Mac. 

	Our next challange is to get MonoDevelop working.  If you have any
pointers that would help I would greatly appreciate it.  Following is
a message from the MonoDevelop.log file: 

	Gtk-Warning: Unable to find default local directory monitor type 

	I've also attached the .log file as well as the output from

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 Subject: Re: [Mono-list] Cannot run C# WinForms on Mac OS X 
 Please run the program `mono-test-install' which will make some 
 common checks on your system to ensure that things are properly 
 > Hi, 
 > I'm new to Mac and Mono. I've used Unix but it was a while ago.
 > been developing using .Net for about a year, programming for many 
 > years. I'm running Mac OS X v10.5.8; 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5; 1.5 GB DDR

 > SDRAM. 
 > I create a program using TextEdit, build it using Terminal ("gmcs 
 > WinHelloWorld.cs -pkg:dotnet") then attempt to run it. The program 
 > and the Stacktrace are attached. 
 > Please help. 
 > Thanks! 
 > Dean 
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