[Mono-list] Undefined reference to __aeabi_read_tp

Schleifer, Alexander Alexander.Schleifer at ise.de
Fri Feb 19 10:35:39 EST 2010


I am trying to build Mono for ARM and running into an undefined reference error. 

./.libs/libmono-static.a(mini-arm.o): In function `mono_arch_register_lowlevel_calls':
/home/user/mono/mono/mini/mini-arm.c:4364: undefined reference to `__aeabi_read_tp'

In the mini-arm.c file the function is defined as shown below.

void __aeabi_read_tp (void);

Now I am searching for a library which contains the implementation of this function.
The list of symbols of any generated object in buildroot-target does not include the __aeabi_read_tp function.

Does someone know how to solve this problem?

PS: I am having this problem with buildroot 2009-11 and 2010.02-RC1

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