[Mono-list] Using svcutil to generate WCF proxies

Costantino Pipero cos at beeond.net
Wed Feb 17 07:17:47 EST 2010

I somewhat advanced on this after reading Atsushi Eno's blog .

When I point the browser to http://localhost:8080/wsdl I get

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."
            <faultstring xml:lang="en-US">error occured</faultstring>

Here's my simple (server side) code:

namespace SimpleMessageService

 public interface ISimpleMessage
  string SendMessage();

 public class SimpleMessage : ISimpleMessage 

  public string SendMessage()
   return "This is a very simple message";

 class MainClass
  public static void Main (string[] args)
   var binding = new BasicHttpBinding (); 
      var address = new Uri (http://localhost:8080/);
      var host = new ServiceHost (typeof (SimpleMessage));
   var meta = new ServiceMetadataBehavior()
     HttpGetEnabled = true,
     HttpGetUrl = new Uri("wsdl",UriKind.Relative)
          typeof (ISimpleMessage), binding, address);
      host.Open ();
   Console.WriteLine("Host listening on {0} with status: {1}", host.Description.Endpoints[0].Address, host.State);
      Console.WriteLine ("SimpleMessageService running, press ENTER to stop it...");
      Console.ReadLine ();
      host.Close ();  

Thank you for any help on this

From: Costantino Pipero 
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Subject: [Mono-list] Using svcutil to generate WCF proxies


I have Mono 2.6 on OpenSuse 11.2 and I am trying out WCF.

Everything works as expected, I created a service hosted in a console app and a client on another app, like the example on the Mono Olive Notebook.

It works, but it works because I reference the server class in the client.

Instead I want to generate a proxy using svcutil like it should be done if you want to consume from a remote web service that you don't have the source for.

I tried several things like:

svcutil http://lcalhost:8080/MyService.svc?wsdl -o myfile.cs
svcutil http://lcalhost:8080/MyService.svc|wsdl -o myfile.cs
svcutil MyService.exe -o myfile.cs

I some case the prompt sits there and does nothing, in others it throws numerous exceptions. Before I show the laundry list of errors I wanted to check if I am taking the right approach...



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