[Mono-list] Sending an email from within a program & if you're online

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Wed Feb 17 02:22:46 EST 2010


As part of an application I'm writing, I have a need to send an email
with some data back to me (it's a student CAL package for Chemists). I
have no guarantee the OS, so can't use the likes of sendmail as it may
be on a Win32 box (which is very likely).

Is there anything within mono-2.6 (.NET 3.5 framework target) which can
be called to send an email? 

Secondary to this, is there any platform independent method of checking
if a machine is connected to a network or not? I did consider doing
something like pinging the BBC website, but as this software is designed
for students it is probable that the establishment will have disabled
ping completely.



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