[Mono-list] F# support on mono, performance

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Feb 1 18:24:00 EST 2010

> I recognize that you are targeting mono for embedded devices (i.e.
> iphone/ipad, etc), so want to control the footprint.    For the niche
> that represents science, finance, however, we "selfishly" are most
> interested in performance ;)    So am looking forward to strides in
> this area with mono.

Actually, Mono will be ideal for embedded devices as it will reduce the
size of code compiled for the iPhone/iPad (those devices are
batch-compield, not JIT compiled, so compile time is not a problem).

The JIT is still required for Mono's self hosting, since LLVM is too
slow for use for interactive use (compile times take a lot longer for
example) and is not suitable for desktop use.

So we will offer both Mono and Mono/LLVM as packages.

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