[Mono-list] Process in Mono different from .Net

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Some operating systems have a tool for asynchronously launching applications. On 
OS X the command line tool is called "open." On Windows the command line tool is 
called "start."  Is there a similar tool in Linux?

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On Sun, 2010-12-19 at 06:27 -0800, madrang [via Mono] wrote: 

> I don't need to know when it is terminating, i just need that the 
> child process outlive its parent. Im currently working on a dock that 
> manage the Os application and on Windows when i quit the dock the apps 
> that was started by the dock stays open but not in Linux. I just want 
> the application that i started to stay alive except if i Kill them my 
> self with Close() or Kill(). Like it is on windows. 
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Nobody knows how to start a process that is going to outlive its 
parents ?? 

I can use invoke or any workaround that is going to work. 

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