[Mono-list] Installing monomac & maccore

Alexander Shulgin alexander.shulgin at yessoftware.com
Tue Aug 31 10:41:07 EDT 2010

On 31.08.2010 17:30, Florian Heiber wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> I tried it, yes. But it does not find the make tool though I've got
> Xcode installed. Do you know the location make?

Well, this is strange.  I have it like this on my 10.5.8 with Xcode 

$ which make

where `make' is a symlink:
/usr/bin/make -> gnumake

and /usr/bin/gnumake is an actual Mach-O universal binary.

I also have the same in under /Developer:

/Developer/usr/bin/make -> gnumake
/Developer/usr/bin/gnumake (actual binary)

You may try

$ locate make


$ locate bin/make

to find something that looks like that.


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