[Mono-list] StyleCop on Mono

Ian Norton-Badrul ian.norton-badrul at thales-esecurity.com
Fri Aug 20 03:46:25 EDT 2010

Hello Everyone, I've been lurking and reading on various mono lists for
a while and thought I'd make my first mono-list post.

Not soon after discovering c# and mono did someone show me stylecop, a
popular source analysis tool for c# on windows.  It bugged me a little
that it didnt run on mono, I found StyleCopCmd on sourceforge as an
open-source command line interface to StyleCop which didn't work
properly on mono but was very close.

I've just finished a first drop of work based on today's StyleCopCmd and
can now analyse sources on mono 2.6.4 on my linux desktop. Once it's had
a little more testing I'll submit some patches to StyleCopCmd.


Best Regards


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