[Mono-list] Desktop Silverlight applicaition for Linux

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Aug 12 11:25:01 EDT 2010


Previously, I got a suggestion
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Sure, Silverlight isn't "intended" for the desktop, but there's no reason
> why you can't embed a silverlight engine in your application. It's been
> done
> before such as for the Mac NY Times Reader. You'll have better luck working
> with Moonlight, which targets the Silverlight API, which is a subset of
> full

That used to be the case, but with Silverlight 3, and later Silverlight 4,
it is now possible to write entire desktop applications without having to
write a shell to host the code.

> I am new to Linux but have some experience in Windows apps and
> I wanted to know if Multi Point could be implemented in Linux?

We currently do not support it in Moonlight, but that is just a matter of
time, it will be there.

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