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Daniel Soto daniel.soto2k at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 19:02:57 EDT 2010

I know that is a bit offtopic, but I think that for Ubuntu users, isn't too
hard install lastest versions of Mono compiling it from tarball. There are
some guides and tutorials that explain in detail step by step the
installation, and it explains all dependencies that must be satisfied
previously if you want to install Mono in a fresh installation of Ubuntu.

In mi case, I use Ubuntu 10.04 and I enjoy Mono 2.6.7 with Monodevelop 2.4
(and Moonlight 2.0 SDK), both compiled from tarball.

Maybe, an alternative, is to publish an official guide that explain how to
install Mono compiling from tarball in a fresh installation of a Linux
distribution, so that everyone that wants to install Mono from tarball in
his favorite Linux distribution, can do as easily as possible.

Daniel Soto... I'm other :-)

2010/8/11 Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com>

> @miguel By the way what I'm taking from your comments is that if
>> ubuntu was to refuse to package mono and include default mono
>> applications mono support for ubuntu would actually improve. I wonder
>> if someone should tell them......
> I can not comment as the above sentence turned out to be impossible to
> parse.
> You might want to clarify, unless you are trolling, in which case, dont
> bother.
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