[Mono-list] Desktop Silverlight applicaition for Linux

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Aug 11 12:16:13 EDT 2010

On 11.08.2010 17:48, optimus_prime wrote:

> Previously, I got a suggestion
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Sure, Silverlight isn't "intended" for the desktop, but there's no reason
> why you can't embed a silverlight engine in your application. It's been done
> before such as for the Mac NY Times Reader. You'll have better luck working
> with Moonlight, which targets the Silverlight API, which is a subset of full
> I am new to Linux but have some experience in Windows apps and
> I wanted to know if Multi Point could be implemented in Linux?

There is a reason not to use Silverlight in a dektop application:
Last time I checked the license (a couple of months ago),
Microsoft did not allow to redistribute Silverlight.

This means that it has to be downloaded from MS and installed
on the target machine at installation time of the application
that embeds it.


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