[Mono-list] Does xbuild support the ITask interface?

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Wed Aug 4 21:31:44 EDT 2010

We are currently using custom tasks (deriving from ToolTask) in xbuild 
for a project we are working on, and they work fine.  (We use the same 
custom tasks for both xbuild and msbuild.)

Note that, by default, MonoDevelop does not use xbuild, however there is 
an option to turn on experimental xbuild support.


On 8/4/2010 7:29 PM, Krogerma at aol.com wrote:
> Hello, lists:
> I don't know if this a MonoDevelop question or a more general Mono
> question, so I'm posting to both lists.
> We are trying to learn MonoDevelop and how it can be used for
> cross-platform builds. We've got a pretty good handle on developing with
> it and figured out a few tricks of our own. We are using CustomCommands
> to some platform-specifc tasks and that seems to work pretty well.
> We were wondering if xbuild supports the extensions that can be built
> for msbuild that inherit from the ITask interface. What we have in mind
> is loading platform-specific DLL's that implement some custom tasks on
> Mac, Suse and Windows. We need to write some platform-specific C# code
> for each platform (we think) that fiddles with operating system
> permissions, does some file inspections and a few other things.
> If it's not already supported, do you think there are any technology
> barriers that prevent it? If it's not a huge job, we could provide some
> help. It's not quite clear from the website whether the custom tasks are
> supported. I usually download the source code for various Mono
> facilities and inspect it to find such information, but maybe someone
> can give me a quick answer?
> Thanks in advance
> Kurt Matis
> Troy, NY
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