[Mono-list] Generic.xaml resource based moonlight (silverlight 2) project never seem to work (build in MD)

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Sun Aug 1 02:54:21 EDT 2010

I am digging into MD and moonlight (to learn), and doing a whole bunch of examples I see on the web
(many Silverlight 2 examples) to learn this stuff.

I was finding no luck with examples that involved resources, i.e. Generic.xaml of a custom control.
I am using joe's badger ports mono packages, MD is 2.4, moonlight is
The latest example I was following along is:

it works, until I get to the part of taking the attributes out of the Page.xaml and make a Generic.xaml file.
I prop. it as a embed resource, and have verified it goes into the dll in the xap (that I unpack and check).

When running, chrome flags 
trying to load: /SimpleButtonDemo;component/themes/generic.xaml

and when I google on "Generic.xaml moonlight" this same issue comes up a lot, with no info that
helps me figure it out.

I also tried everything to set up the same pathing with folders, i.e.  component/themes ... etc,
and even played with with the cases (Generic.xaml/generic.xaml), but no dice.
Now I am guessing, not finding the Generic.xaml is not a hard error, given you can at least continue
without sourcing those setting, and I do get just a blank page.

I checked out moon-unit2  unit tests in the svn, and see evidence of use of this construct,
but when I try and build any project (moon-unit, or even on web), using resources, I always seem to get
somewhat odd error

warning CS8026: The compilation may fail due to missing `System.Reflection.Emit.AssemblyBuilder.SetCorlibTypeBuilders(System.Type, System.Type, System.Type, System.Type)' method

I have also gotten this error when building csproj MS silverlight 2 examples from the net.

The error, which is a warning, but actually registers as a error, so the project doesn't build.

I hope this isn't a homer simpson duhhhhooopp moment, but with many examples I try (without resources) working,
and I can't help but think I am doing everything right, I am baffed.

Any help would be appreciated.

ted leslie <tleslie at tcn.net>

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