[Mono-list] Best audio library for Mono?

Christopher David Howie me at chrishowie.com
Tue Apr 27 11:36:22 EDT 2010

On 04/25/2010 12:12 PM, Steve Ricketts wrote:
> What library would you recommend for C# in Mono on a Linux platform to do the
> following things:
> 1. Convert byte arrays between PCM and GSM 6.10
> 2. Play PCM or GSM on speakers from byte arrays
> 3. Capture byte arrays from microphone
> 4. Write PCM or GSM byte arrays to local file
> These functions are necessary to integrate a C#, Mono, Linux application
> into an existing Windows system.  I want to capture audio from either a mic
> or a RF USB receiver and send over IP to be played remotely.
> Thanks for any advice or direction you can provide.

Honestly, the best approach that I can think of would be to write a C
glue library between your application and something like GStreamer
(which is a portable library itself).  This is the approach that Banshee
uses and it seems to work quite well.

GStreamer is full of all manner of nifty things you can use to convert
just about anything to just about anything else, and do other
interesting things in between, like volume normalization.

Obviously, you have to compile your glue for each target platform, and
you will have to distribute GStreamer too, at least on non-Linux
platforms where it's not as easily installable.

Chris Howie

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