[Mono-list] bold, italic and position of the window

Alexander Shulgin alexander.shulgin at yessoftware.com
Mon Apr 26 08:51:09 EDT 2010

On 24.04.2010 4:19, Stephen Liu wrote:
> Hi SpoodyGoon,
>> Here are a couple of links that I find handy for manipulating text:
>> http://www.mono-project.com/Pango:Beginners
>> These are non-Mono but the rules for Pango formatting tends to work the
>> same across languages
>> http://ruby-gnome2.sourceforge.jp/hiki.cgi?pango-markup
>> http://library.gnome.org/devel/pango/stable/PangoMarkupFormat.html
> Thanks for your links.  Choosing the right direction to start the learning journey is quite import to beginners.  I prefer to start my journey following examples first and coming back to theory later.  It'll will be easier to learn a new programming language.  Rather than the other way round.  It'll be too tire easily loosing interest.
>> BTW if you haven't already figured it out don't ever run a command as
>> root unless you look it up first or you know exactly what it does.
>> Suggesting (rm -rf /) was not funny at all. Here is a helpful command
>> reference if you need it http://www.computerhope.com/unix.htm.
>> I hope that helps
>> SpoodyGoon
> Thanks for your advice and link.  The command (rm -rf /) will delete the HD/OS completely without asking a question.  I used it quite often removing directories, subdirectories and their contents on building my own Linux/Unix OS, LinuxFromScratch several years back.  This is a handy Unix command.
> In that incident I thought the email deleting part of the content advised by the folk.  I never came across and/or imagine this will happen in a mailing list. I'm working, testing Mono and replying postings on a guest (VM) of a virtual machine. If unfornately I ran that command it only deleted the guest, not the complete box.
> Anyway thanks again for your advice.

I feel I must apologize for my misbehavior.  I'm really sorry.

I just thought at that moment that this would teach you to dig at least 
a tiniest bit on the subject before going out and asking so basic 
questions in a so general mailing list.

I was in bad mood and didn't want to offend or hurt anyone.  Sorry, again.


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