[Mono-list] 32 Bit Mono on 64 Bit Linux?

Markus Ewald cygon at nuclex.org
Wed Apr 14 04:15:12 EDT 2010


On Windows, .NET assemblies compiled for AnyCPU can be run on a 64-Bit 
OS in either 32-Bit mode (using WOW64) or as native 64-Bit applications.
Is there such a thing for Mono when run on a 64-Bit Linux system as well?

I have tried to execute a 32-Bit only .NET application (verified with 
CorFlags that it has the 32BIT flag set) on my 64-Bit Linux system and 
IntPtr.Size was still 8, so I suppose that as long as Mono is compiled 
on a 64-Bit Linux system, it will just run .NET applications as a 64-Bit 
code in any case. Is that right?


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