[Mono-list] Invalid data from CP2102 USB device

James Boulton j.boulton at veritide.com
Mon Apr 12 18:33:25 EDT 2010


I used BytesToRead to set up a loop then used

tmpByte[i] =(byte) comport.ReadByte();

This worked for me. I may have tried Read() but for some reason ( that I
can't remember ) settled for ReadByte.


On Mon, 2010-04-12 at 12:09 -0800, Steve Ricketts wrote:
> Makes sense... However, I changed comport.Read(buffer, 0, bytes); where
> buffer is byte[] to comport.Read(cBuffer, 0, bytes); where cBuffer is
> char[].  Now, I get 8 bytes to be read but they are all 0's!  What have I
> messed up now? ;-)
> sr

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