[Mono-list] iPhone SDK 4.0 prohibits Mono: MonoTouch future?

Andrew Brehm ajbrehm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 06:28:13 EDT 2010

Ben Joldersma-4 wrote:
> Is anyone commenting on the irony of this?  For years, Mono & Novell are
> attacked by the FOSS community on the grounds that MS will sue people who
> use Mono.  And now it's Apple that is slapping down legal constraints on
> Mono??

Microsoft have never been as evil or restrictive as Apple. There was a time,
between 1997 and 2003, when it looked like Apple would embrace the FOSS
community. But much has changed since then.

I think Apple realise that what will ultimately keep users using Apple
phones is the available software, not the phone itself. At some point other
phone makers will figure out how to make decent phones. This is why Apple
are trying to ban crossplatform tools from the iPhone.

It's sad because I thought Steve Jobs really believed that the iPhone was so
much better than other phones that it would make it on its own. Apparently
his Jobsness has doubts.

> Love the idea of Novell/Mono going strong after mobile.  But forget the
> iPhone IMHO.  I'd much prefer to see these efforts going into Android.  An
> open source OS for an open source language runtime.  Makes much better
> sense
> to me.

I have been a loyal Apple user since 2000. (Bought my first PowerPC Mac
clone for BeOS in 1998.)

And just one year ago I bought an octocore Mac Pro.

But this really made me consider switching from Apple for the first time.
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