[Mono-list] Seeking advice on using monodevelop to learn CSharp

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Sun Apr 11 07:55:51 EDT 2010

satimis wrote:
> To run the .dat file (mentioned in my previous posting) on both Windows
> and Linux, now I have to create 2 programs, one for Windows and another
> for Linux.  It is not convenient.  I'm looking for a solution, one program
> for both system.  Some folks suggest Java.  Any comment?  I'm now
> searching around for suggestion.
Why would you need to create 2 programs, and where does the .dat file come
into the equation? It'd still be one single program, whether there is a .dat
file or not.

satimis wrote:
> I don't know whether all windows have GTK# installed and running.  If NO,
> I have to request the user to install it.  It is NOT so convenient.
Most Windows installation don't have GTK# installed, but you could make an
installer package that handles this (check if GTK# is already installed, and
which version, in order to determine whether to install it or not). Look
around for such solutions.
That's why I mentioned Windows.Forms earlier, because with it, you wouldn't
need any extra installation on Windows, just the .NET framework. The
downside is that there is no WinForms designer in MonoDevelop, so you'd
either need to code all the UI code manually with no designer, or make the
UI on Windows.

By the way, Java would work fine. But you'd need to use Swing (for the UI)
if you don't want to install anything other than Java. But then again,
whether you use Java or .NET, the Java or .NET framework is also required on
the user computer, and you should probably ensure it is there in your
installer. So whether you need to add an extra installation (like GTK#)
shouldn't be a problem, since you'll need a smart installer anyway.

satimis wrote:
> I haven't installed following packages:-
> gtk-sharp2
> gtk-sharp2-gapi
> gtk-sharp2-examples
> Whether GTK# needs them all?  Any further additional packages?  Thanks
I guess you might need gtk-sharp2, but you could simply try to make a GTK#
app in MonoDevelop, and see if it complains about anything missing. That way
you'd know for sure, it only takes a few seconds.

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