[Mono-list] Seeking advice on using monodevelop to learn CSharp

Stephen Liu satimis at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 10 13:35:46 EDT 2010

Hi Stifu,

Thanks for your advice.

> First, if you just want your application to work on Windows, you could just
> use Visual Studio (or SharpDevelop) instead. This may be a more appropriate
> choice

Whether you meant

The Open Source Development Environment for .NET

Visual Basic .NET Programming for Beginners

> Any reason you decided to go for MonoDevelop if you're only
> targetting Windows?

MonoDevelop runs on *nix.  VS2010 and CSharp_Express_2008 are also free but they run on Windows.  I have to acquire Windows licence.  Therefore I turn to MonoDevelop.

> You'll probably want to have a look at System.DateTime.Today, 
> in order to retrieve the current date...

On CSharp ?

> And to run your application on start up, this may help you:


Others also noted.


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