[Mono-list] Project for Google Summer of Code

Varun Badrinath Krishna varun.bk at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 00:49:05 EDT 2010


I am keen on taking up a Silverlight project posted by the The Mono
Project (on this page:
http://mono-project.com/StudentProjects#Moonlight.2FSilverlight) for
the Google Summer of Code this year. Having had a good amount of
experience working with Silverlight 2.0 and 3.0 I feel like I would be
able to complete the following project over the summer.

The following project on the website caught my eye: Silverlight based
"Garage Band"-like application.

I would like to know who the mentor is for this project. I have a
couple of questions for him:
1) Can Silverlight 3 be used to develop this? What are the limitations
for compatibility with Moonlight?
2) Can I use WCF for client-server communication? This would be the
simplest way for me to communicate between web services and the
Silverlight application.
3) If I complete the user interface well within the stipulated time period,
a) may I work with the mentor to tie up the UI with actual sounds?
b) can we come up with a simple application that allows users to
define tones and upload them to the server so that others can use them
in their compositions? This can result in a large pool of music tones
that users can create which would relieve us (the developers) from
defining the tones ourselves.

The online the application for GSoC doesn't give me the facility to
share recommendations from previous employers that I feel would
strongly support my case as a candidate for this project. If you could
kindly put me in touch with the mentor for the above, I could send him
some of these details. I had worked at a start up company for a year
in Silicon Valley as part of a coop program where I built a B2B
Silverlight 2.0 application from scratch. I unfortunately cannot share
links to it (as suggested in the application format description)
because it falls under the B2B product portfolio of the company I
worked with.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks and Cheers,

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