[Mono-list] Can't get Ahead-Of-Time compilation working

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Sep 30 17:02:32 EDT 2009

LKeene wrote:
> ... The Linux performance is good enough with JIT,
> but the OSX performance is a little slow so I was hoping that AOT would help
> here. My app is also doing a ton of startup stuff, so AOT would hopefully
> help there too.

AOT won't improve the performance of a WinForms app under OS X.

> My understanding is that if I want to make use of the AOT feature, I first
> precompile the app using "mono --aot -O=all MyApp.exe". Then I invoke the
> precompiled app via "mono MyApp.exe.so SomeCommandLineArgumentMyAppNeeds".
> Is all this correct?

No, the second step is just

mono MyApp.exe SomeCommandLineArgumentMyAppNeeds

The runtime will pick the precompiled assembly automatically.

> I'm doing all of my development on a Windows 7 box, but I suppose that in
> order to perform a full AOT for OSX I need to perform the above steps on OSX
> which, according to Apple, has Xcode installed by default?

Xcode is not installed by default. And yes, these steps must be
performed on an Intel OS X. AOT is not supported on PPC machines.


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