[Mono-list] C# DateTime AddHours

tynman tyndall at attglobal.net
Sun Sep 27 13:28:31 EDT 2009

I have run into a mystery using the AddHours function of the C# DateTime
class. I don't get an error, it just doesn't seem to have any effect.

using System;
using Gtk;

namespace test04
	class MainClass
		public static void Main (string[] args)
			DateTime dtEnd;
			double dHrs;			
			dtEnd = new DateTime();
			dtEnd = DateTime.Now;
			Console.WriteLine(String.Format("{0:dddd, dd-MMM-yyyy - HH:mm:ss}",
			dHrs = 6;
			Console.WriteLine(String.Format("{0}", dHrs));
			Console.WriteLine(String.Format("{0:dddd, dd-MMM-yyyy - HH:mm:ss}",

On my console, I get:

Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 - 10:59:39
Sunday, 27-Sep-2009 - 10:59:39

whereas I was expecting the time to change to "16:59:39" after calling the
AddHours() function.

What am I doing wrong? I'm building with MonoDevelop 2.0, under linux

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