[Mono-list] xbuild: overriding targets doesn't work

Vlad Alexandru Ionescu vlad at lshift.net
Fri Sep 25 12:13:34 EDT 2009


I've been trying to use the BeforeBuild target with xbuild, but 
apparently overriding it doesn't work at all (my custom BeforeBuild is 
simply ignored).
A workaround for this problem is commenting out <Target 
Name="BeforeBuild" /> in Microsoft.Common.targets. But that requires 
that I define the BeforeBuild target in all of the projects, even if it 
is not used.
I've tried defining my custom BeforeBuild before and after including 
Microsoft.CSharp.targets, in my project file, with no success.
I think this is a bug in xbuild.

I've looked for my problem in the mailing lists and in mono bugs, but 
wasn't able to find anything. Sorry if this is a known issue.

Please let me know if you need additional information, or if you'd like 
me to isolate the bug in a minimal project file.



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