[Mono-list] CPUID??

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Sep 10 11:44:45 EDT 2009


> How would i get CPUID or any other hardware specific unique identifiers under
> mono? Normally i would get this from System.Management, but this isn't
> availible under mono. I am absolutely trying to aviod having to PInvoke an
> external library, as i dont want to, nor have the ability to compile a
> library for every OS mono runs on. I dont mind having to run different
> routine depending on wether it's mono or dotnet, just need it purely
> managed;
> And incase you are wondering, i need it for a DRM scheme for my
> applications.

You can always detect at runtime the runtime and platform you are
running on, and P/Invoke the right library.

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