[Mono-list] Building NHibernate trunk on Mono

Steve Strong steve at srstrong.com
Thu Sep 10 06:30:57 EDT 2009


I'm currently working on the NHibernate Linq provider, and am trying to get
it building on Mono so that I can develop on my Mac.  From the trunk, I'm
currently getting compiler errors for some of the Linq queries, for example
this test:

        [Category("GROUP BY/HAVING")]
        [Test(Description = "This sample uses group by and Max " +
                            "to find the maximum unit price for each
        public void DLinq43()
            var q =
                from p in db.Products
                group p by p.Category.CategoryId
                into g
                    select new
                                   MaxPrice = g.Max(p => p.UnitPrice)

            ObjectDumper.Write(q, 1);

gives the following errors:

LinqQuerySamples.cs(724,28): error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type
`anonymous type' to `anonymous type'
LinqQuerySamples.cs(724,28): error CS1662: Cannot convert `lambda
expression' to delegate type
type>' because some of the return types in the block are not implicitly
convertible to the delegate return type

am I doing something wrong or is there some setting that I need to tweak, or
is this a compiler bug?  If the latter, where's the correct place to log it?



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