[Mono-list] mkbundle and libgdiplus

Daniel Weuthen daniel.weuthen-ml at deepinvent.com
Fri Sep 4 01:54:25 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

after searching on the internet for hours and asking in the IRC channel
you are my last hope.

We are working on shipping our software as a Linux version we want to
ship it as a bundle with mono and all needed assemblies in one file
created with mkbundle. Do not panic: We only want to do it that way for
distributions who do not bring their own mono 2.4.3 packages with them.

I was able to put everything we need into that bundle except for the
libgdiplus stuff. No matter how I tried it (.config file), the needed
library did not get into that bundle. Btw: I cannot use the --deps
option as it does not work for our software. Some older, non linux
assemblies are in it, that break the dep resolving.

I hope you can give me a good advise how to include libgdi into such a



Daniel Weuthen

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