[Mono-list] Invalid IL Code seen

Bob Denny rdenny at dc3.com
Wed Sep 2 00:47:16 EDT 2009

Michael --

Thanks, I suspect you're right. I have forwarded your note to Liquid's
developers in the hope that they'll recognize the value in having their support
library be compatible with Mono!

  -- Bob

You said:
> Considering that there's some sort of license validation embedded in
> the Liquid XML runtime, it's pretty likely that they've also
> obfuscated the assembly. Some obfuscators use particular IL patterns
> that are invalid according to the CLI spec, but are "overlooked" by
> .NET dues to limitations in its IL validation. They're essentially
> exploiting .NET bugs in order to confuse decompilers. The downside is
> that assemblies that have been obfuscated using these techniques
> usually don't work on Mono, which doesn't have the same
> bugs/limitations -- and they might not even work on future versions of
> .NET.
> Of course,  I could be wrong... it might be a Mono bug.

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