[Mono-list] VB .NET and default instances

Styma, Robert E (Robert) robert.styma at alcatel-lucent.com
Fri Oct 30 09:46:06 EDT 2009

   I have inherited a VB.net application.  The application
is currently developed under Visual Studio 2008 and is
a GUI using a bunch of Windows Forms.  I would
like to be able to run this under Linux and it appears I
need Mono to do this.  In the documentation, I noticed
the documentation mention that the "Default Instance" 
is not supported.  This application happens to use this
feature in several places.

   The way I have seen this done in Java is to have a
"getInstance() method which accesses a static copy of the
object and creates it the first time getInstance() is called.
Would this be a workable mechanism to get the program
to run under Mono?  It would be a pretty easy change to make.

   The documentation seems to say that I can run the .exe
created by Visual Studio with the Mono Runtime if I can get
the libraries correct.  I have not been able to do this yet,
but I am thinking I need to clean up the default instance issue
first.  Is this the case?

Bob Styma
Phoenix, Az, USA

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