[Mono-list] Micro Framework Porting Problem.

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Wed Oct 21 13:27:13 EDT 2009

Microsot.SPOT.TinyCore is part of Microsoft's .NET Micro Framework. It's not
listed as a redistributable - although the corresponding pe file is. Unless
somebody in the Mono community has a replacement, you would have to build it


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Hi, I'm trying to get some C# code that was developed with the Micro
Framework working with Mono.  I am receiving this error during execution:

The following assembly referenced from ****** could not be loaded: 
     Assembly:   Microsoft.SPOT.TinyCore    (assemblyref_index=0) 
     Version:    3.0.7186.0 
     Public Key: (none) 

Does anyone know how I can get this library or work around this problem? 

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