[Mono-list] System.DllNotFoundException, but dll is there.

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Oct 20 20:23:51 EDT 2009

Lecio wrote:
> Oh my.. !!!!!!!!!!
> I had that log after executed, how can I fix that dlls missing ?

No dll is actually missing.

> Ps.: Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado = File or folder not found
> [ ]'s
> Mono-INFO: DllImport loading library: './libUFScanner.so'.
> Mono-INFO: DllImport error loading library './libUFScanner.so: undefined
> symbol: usb_bulk_read'.

The library libUFScanner.so was loaded but it was not able
to resolve its import 'usb_bulk_read'. It seems that
your system is lacking "libusb".

This is not related to Mono anymore.


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