[Mono-list] Performance benchmarks - mono vs ms.net

Thomas Jam Pedersen thomas at 3Djam.com
Tue Oct 20 14:34:37 EDT 2009

Dear Ozgur. 

Please check this page:

Here you will find the same program implemented in 
Silverlight C#

And you can compare the speed. 

The programs are corss platform and will run on both Windows and Linux machines. 

Source code is availeble. 
you need to install the Roozz plugin to run the first 3 languages. But if you don't want to just look at the graph for comparison. 
Speed is almost the same for all languages on both Windows and Linux. Only Java is a little faster on Ubuntu. 

Best regards, 


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Emne: [Mono-list] Performance benchmarks - mono vs ms.net
Hi everyone!

I've been following the mono project for several months now. Being a person
who feels comfortable with C# as a language, I am very much excited about
what it promises to do.
Nowadays, I'm mostly convinced that mono has at least the basic
functionality ms.net has. The greater question however is performance. I
searched the internet to find some real performance benchmarks between mono
and ms.net (with mono at least the 3 major platforms of the various ones it
supports). Sadly, I was only able to find toy examples and performance

I thought someone from this mailing list may have such benchmarks :)
So, I am waiting for suggestions to some good performance benchmarks between
mono and vs.net. It would be superb to have some benchmarks with natively
compiled C++ and some cross-platform Java, but that may be too much to ask

Regards to whom made mono project available, and to all of its users.

Ozgur Akgun

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