[Mono-list] Performance benchmarks - mono vs ms.net

Ozgur Akgun ozgurakgun at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 12:03:04 EDT 2009

Hi everyone!

I've been following the mono project for several months now. Being a person
who feels comfortable with C# as a language, I am very much excited about
what it promises to do.
Nowadays, I'm mostly convinced that mono has at least the basic
functionality ms.net has. The greater question however is performance. I
searched the internet to find some real performance benchmarks between mono
and ms.net (with mono at least the 3 major platforms of the various ones it
supports). Sadly, I was only able to find toy examples and performance

I thought someone from this mailing list may have such benchmarks :)
So, I am waiting for suggestions to some good performance benchmarks between
mono and vs.net. It would be superb to have some benchmarks with natively
compiled C++ and some cross-platform Java, but that may be too much to ask

Regards to whom made mono project available, and to all of its users.

Ozgur Akgun
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