[Mono-list] Cross platform time zones

Ryan Kirkpatrick ryan.kirkpatrick at inovonics.com
Fri Oct 2 17:59:45 EDT 2009

Neil Stalker wrote:
> In windows the timezones have a descriptive name such as "Eastern 
> Standard Time" but in linux the same timezone has the name 
> "US/Eastern". Is there a cross platform way of running 
> TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById that can be used both in linux
> and windows...

Not that I ever found. I have a .NET client application writing a
Windows timezone name to a database on a Linux system that a .NET server
application on that Linux system needs to use. I had to setup my own
conversion function for the common US timezones. In case it helps anyone
else, here is the mapping I used:

Eastern Standard Time     => GMT-5 w/DST             => US/Eastern
Central Standard Time     => GMT-6 w/DST             => US/Central
US Central Standard Time  => GMT-6 w/o DST (Indiana) => US/Indiana-Stark
Mountain Standard Time    => GMT-7 w/DST             => US/Mountain
US Mountain Standard Time => GMT-7 w/o DST (Arizona) => US/Arizona
Pacific Standard Time     => GMT-8 w/DST             => US/Pacific
Alaskan Standard Time     => GMT-9 w/DST             => US/Alaska
Hawaiian Standard Time    => GMT-10 w/DST            => US/Hawaii

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