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Cliff Stanford cliff at may.be
Thu Oct 1 13:03:27 EDT 2009

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Cliff Stanford wrote:

> Thanks.  Server is now running on the HEAD version and I'll be able to
> tell you in a few days if it still crashes.

Well the program is still running 24 hours later which is a good sign.
On the other hand, it appears now to have a memory leak.

As part of the debugging I have been doing, I record changes in VM size
each minute (as reported by Process.*MemorySize64), along with the total
heap memory used (as reported by GC.GetTotalMemory(true)).

The program started yesterday with:

> 09-Sep-30 13:20:00.091: DEBUG [  14] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Peak Virtual Memory Size: was 95988k now 96116k (increase of 128k)
> 09-Sep-30 13:20:00.092: DEBUG [  14] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Private Memory Size:      was 77740k now 77680k (decrease of 60k)
> 09-Sep-30 13:20:00.092: DEBUG [  14] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Virtual Memory Size:      was 95988k now 95928k (decrease of 60k)
> 09-Sep-30 13:20:00.125: DEBUG [  14] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Total Memory:             was 10040k now 10724k (increase of 684k)

the current status is:

> 09-Oct-01 18:55:24.813: DEBUG [  11] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Peak Virtual Memory Size: was 1122116k now 1122180k (increase of 64k)
> 09-Oct-01 18:55:24.814: DEBUG [  11] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Private Memory Size:      was 1103868k now 1103932k (increase of 64k)
> 09-Oct-01 18:55:24.814: DEBUG [  11] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Virtual Memory Size:      was 1122116k now 1122180k (increase of 64k)
> 09-Oct-01 18:55:25.321: DEBUG [  11] <Netiom.MemoryCheck  > Total Memory:             was 887932k now 888068k (increase of 136k)

This looks like a GC problem to me.  Previously I found the VM size
growing but a regular call to the GC kept it down.

If I can do anything to help track this down, I'm happy to make the
source code available to the mono developers or to incorporate any other
tests suggested.


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