[Mono-list] Can cross Windows and Linux platform mono application include Windows .NET C# dll ?

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My understanding that the DLL will be an unmanaged one.  This is a great help for me.


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On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 6:19 PM,  <chuchiehliu at micron.com> wrote:
> I am looking for cross platform (Windows and RedHat Linux) application
> (WindowForm with dll) solution.
> (1)     Mono with X-develop is what I have tried first.  After I quickly
> created a Window.Form application using Windows mono 2.4 and X-develop, I
> can run it from RedHat Linux using “mono myapps.exe” command with mono
> version 1.9.1 that I got from website for my RedHat Linux.  It looks ok.
> After reading Mono-list, I am not sure whether my application which will
> need to include Windows dll (written in VC++ in dll and wrapped by .NET C#
> as dll) will work by using Mono together with X-develop environment?

If the DLL is unmanaged (it sounds like it is) then including a
Windows build of it will do no good.  You will have to compile this as
a native Linux library for Mono on Linux to be able to use it.

If the library uses non-portable calls (such as win32 functions) then
you will have to do the standard C/C++ thing and #if your way to
portability, or find a portable function that does the same thing.

Chris Howie

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