[Mono-list] Can't get Ahead-Of-Time compilation working

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Thu Oct 1 05:10:38 EDT 2009

LKeene wrote:
> I see. So I just need to make sure the ".so" file is in the same directory as
> the ".exe" and I'm good to go? Will Mono fall back to the JIT if the .so
> isn't found?

The ".so" is called ".dylib" under OS X.

If Mono doesn't find the pre-compiled assembly, it will just work
as usual :)


> -L
> Robert Jordan wrote:
>> LKeene wrote:
>>> ... The Linux performance is good enough with JIT,
>>> but the OSX performance is a little slow so I was hoping that AOT would
>>> help
>>> here. My app is also doing a ton of startup stuff, so AOT would hopefully
>>> help there too.
>> AOT won't improve the performance of a WinForms app under OS X.
>>> My understanding is that if I want to make use of the AOT feature, I
>>> first
>>> precompile the app using "mono --aot -O=all MyApp.exe". Then I invoke the
>>> precompiled app via "mono MyApp.exe.so
>>> SomeCommandLineArgumentMyAppNeeds".
>>> Is all this correct?
>> No, the second step is just
>> mono MyApp.exe SomeCommandLineArgumentMyAppNeeds
>> The runtime will pick the precompiled assembly automatically.
>>> I'm doing all of my development on a Windows 7 box, but I suppose that in
>>> order to perform a full AOT for OSX I need to perform the above steps on
>>> OSX
>>> which, according to Apple, has Xcode installed by default?
>> Xcode is not installed by default. And yes, these steps must be
>> performed on an Intel OS X. AOT is not supported on PPC machines.
>> Robert
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