[Mono-list] Major performance difference vs. Microsoft

mkbosmans mkbosmans at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 11:44:52 EST 2009

You could try a Linux live CD (like http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download)
to test the performance for Mono on Linux. Just burn the CD image and boot
your PC from the CD, no installation required.
For desktop usage such a CD would be very slow, but once loaded, the CPU
bound testcase for Mono should run about as fast as on an installed


Numsgil wrote:
>  http://old.nabble.com/file/p26421511/output.exe output.exe 
> Attached is a small application that QR decomposes a 1000x1000 random
> matrix.  There are still a lot of optimizations to do on the code, but
> I've been using it as a general benchmark on the expected performance of
> an application I'm building.  
> The solver itself is single threaded.  On my core i7 Windows 7 install,
> running normal .NET Microsoft libraries, the process takes ~41 seconds. 
> Running the Mono for windows install, it took ~225 seconds.  That's about
> 5 times slower.
> Windows running Microsoft's .NET framework is my target platform, but I am
> considering running my app through an ASP.NET website interface.  For a
> web server, linux is cheaper and easier, which means using Mono.  I don't
> have access to check if running Mono under Linux would be considerably
> faster or not.
> I'm quite a ways from a first version of my app, where this solver would
> be a small part of a larger program, but I thought I'd post it for the
> curious.  Maybe a dev working on performance would be interested in a math
> intensive "real world" (if very narrow) application to optimize against.
> My guess is that it's indicative of the intelligence of the JIT for either
> framework.  Or maybe Mono's JIT doesn't inline methods on value data types
> (this was a recent addition to .NET I think).
> Anyway, I'd be curious on anyone's thoughts on the matter.  I can provide
> source if needed.

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